Reset password Using Office 365 Password Reset Tool

If you have registered for the Office 365 Password Reset Tool, you will be able to use the guide below to reset your password and gain access to your College account.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot register for the Office 365 Password Reset Tool if you are unable to log into your College account currently.
E.g. if you have forgotten your password/if your password has expired or if your account is locked. In these instances, you will need to contact your tutor and request they create a Password Reset Request via the Service Desk.

Once you gain access to your account again, please follow the link below so you may register to reset your password yourself going forward.


Click above and follow the reset instructions below or watch the video.

Click this here link and follow the reset guide wizard.

You will be prompted to enter your account information and the security code displayed.

Note that your User ID will be your

Once you have entered this information, click "Next".

You will now have the option to choose which contact method Microsoft should use for verification.

Select your contact method and click "Next".

If you choose to use your mobile number, you will need to confirm your number in the following window as shown below.

After entering your mobile number, select "Text" and a verification code will be sent to your mobile.

Enter this code in the box provided and click "Next".

If the verification code was entered correctly, you will be given the option to enter a new password.

Please note the following password rules when entering a new password:

Password MUST be:
  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • Must contain capital letter
  • Must contain lower case letter
  • Must contain a number or symbol
Password MUST NOT be:
  • One that has been used previously - system remembers the last 12
  • Your first name or last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your student ID
  • Or a combination of the above

After entering your new password, click "Finish".

You will receive confirmation that your password has been reset and be given the option to "click here" to sign back into your account.

Selecting "click here" will take you back to the Office 365 login page where you may sign in with your College credentials and your new password.

Please note that you will now be able to log into all other College systems using your new password such as:

Password reset complete!